Linda Brown-b Peg Delaney-p Patti Melita-v

Bill and Peg 

Daisyland Music

Peg Delaney

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Peg on a Steinway at Proctor's Theatre

The Peg Delaney Trio

Bill Delaney- b, Peg Delaney-p, Earl Davis- vocals/drums


Tuesday July 23, 6-9pm
Panza's Restaurant 
129 S. Broadway Saratoga Springs
Peg Delaney- piano

Friday July 26, 6:30-9:30pm
Grappa 72  
Central Ave Albany
Earl Davis- vocals/drums , Peg Delaney- piano, Bill Delaney-bass

Tuesday July 30, 6-9pm
Panza's Restaurant 
129 S. Broadway Saratoga Springs
 Peg Delaney- piano

 Wednesday August 14, 7-10pm

The Cellar, Saratoga Springs

(used to be One Caroline St Bistro)

Jeanne O'Connor-vocals,  Peg Delaney-piano, Pete Toigo-bass

Friday August 16, 5:30-9:30pm
Dukes Chophouse,
Rivers Casino 

​Jeanne O'Connor-vocals,  Peg Delaney-piano

Sunday August 18, 5-6pm

Jazz Vespers

First Reformed Church of Schenectady

Peg Delaney- piano, Bill Delaney-bass

Saturday August 24, 7-10pm

Panza's Restaurant 129 S. Broadway Saratoga Springs
 Colleen Pratt- vocals, Peg Delaney- piano,  Bill Delaney-bass

Friday August 30, 6:30-9:30pm
Grappa 72
 Central Ave Albany

Jeanne O'Connor-vocals,  Peg Delaney-piano, Bill Delaney-bass